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Certifications & Experience


August 2018


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, May 1983
University of Texas
Austin, Texas


  • Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Texas, License No. 99462

  • Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Oklahoma, License No. 30140

  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, NAFI

  • Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, No. 8637-3597v

  • Certified Fire Investigation Instructor, No. 8637-3597i

  • Instrument Rated Private Pilot, FAA

  • Repairman Experimental Aircraft Builder, FAA


I have been engaged in the design, development, marketing and troubleshooting aspects of electrical engineering since 1983, and in the more specialized practice of forensic engineering since 2002. During that time I have received specialized training and certification in the field of fire and explosion investigation and have performed over 1,000 investigations.

I have performed scientific and engineering evaluations involving numerous types of electrical and electronic devices including: structural branch wiring, circuit breakers, lights, switches, receptacles, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, toasters, coffee makers, various other kitchen and small appliances, extension cords, relocatable power taps, computers, televisions, stereos, fans and irons.

I have performed scientific and engineering evaluations of the fires alleged to have been associated with vehicles including: cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, tractor- trailers, farm and construction equipment and ATVs. I have performed scientific and engineering evaluations involving electric utility equipment failure analysis and wildfires.

Sr. Electrical Engineer-President
Expert Forensic Engineers, division of Sans Peur Inc. 

January 2008 to present

Forensic engineering analysis of disaster related incidents / accidents including:

  • Residential, commercial and large industrial fires that may be caused by an electrical malfunction.

  • Major electrical equipment failures that may result in expensive, long term business interruptions.

  • Electric shock or electrocution incidents involving equipment from low voltage residential types to high voltage transmission lines.

  • Lightning damage to virtually any electrical or electronic device.

  • Fire losses involving vehicles, trucks and heavy machinery.

  • Electric utility equipment failure analysis.

  • Wildfire investigations.

Sr. Electrical Engineer
Verité Forensic Engineering, LLC. 

April 2002 to December 2007

Forensic engineering analysis of disaster related incidents / accidents.

Regional Director
Portal Software

January 1999 to April 2002

Responsible for the design, development and deployment of Portal's customer management and billing software for providers of communication services, including ISPs, phone carriers, and cable and satellite companies.

Regional Manager

1997 to 1999

Responsible for the marketing and implementation of IBM subsidiary Tivoli Systems' software for managing computer networks that incorporate mixed platforms and computers ranging in size from laptops to mainframes.


1990 to 1997

Worldwide Manager of Telecom Business Partners, responsible for a worldwide team focused on recruitment and management of the Telecom Independent Software Vendors and System Integrators. I was responsible for designing and implementing Oracle's first Telecom Operational Support System (OSS) suite of software used by Telco operators across various lines of business (e.g. fixed line, wireless, broadband, ISP, 2.5G).

Electrical Engineer
Harris Computer Systems

1983 to 1990

Responsible for designing, developing and implementing Harris Computer System products for CAD/CAM and Aerospace applications. In 1983 I was responsible for the design and implementation of the first finite element analysis system for vehicle structural analysis at General Motors.

In 1985 I moved to Dallas, TX to join the Harris Real-time Systems Group supporting General Dynamics F-16 Fighter Program. Models included: 3-D Earth Terrain Model, Navigation Pod Model, Nav-Pod Coupler Support Model, and Fire Control Radar Model.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (I.E.E.E.)
National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.)
National Association of Fire Investigators (N.A.F.I.)
International Association of Arson Investigators (I.A.A.I.)
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (A.O.P.A.)
Experimental Aircraft Association (E.A.A.)


"Electrical Aspects of Fire Investigation," East Texas Arson Investigators Association, 2002
"Vehicle Arson and Live Burn Training," Nationwide Insurance Company and North Texas Fire Investigator’s Association, September 2008
"Fire Investigator Vehicle Burn Class," San Antonio Fire Department and Bexar County Marshal’s Office, November 2008
"Vehicle Arson and Live Burn Training," Nationwide Insurance Company and North Texas Fire Investigator’s Association, October 2009
"Arson Investigation Class," USAA and Temple Fire Department, April 2010
"Vehicle Fire Investigation Class," Nationwide Insurance Co. and Harris County Fire Department, November 2010.
"Advanced Live Vehicle Burn Investigation," Nationwide Insurance Co. and San Antonio Fire Department, Arson Bureau, February 2013.


2002 National Fire, Arson, and Explosion Investigation Training Program
2002 National Seminar on Fire Analysis Litigation
2002 Investigation of Gas and Electric Appliance Fires
19th Annual East Texas Arson Conference, 2002
April 2004, I.A.A.I. Fire Investigation Technologies Seminar
April 2006, "Feel the Heat" Fire Seminar
December 2006, Electrical Fires 102 Training Program
July 2008, Central Texas Fire Investigators Training Session
December 2009, Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigations Training
July 2010, Applying the Scientific Method to Fire & Explosion Investigations
January 2011, NFPA-921 Beyond the Bookshelf
April 2012, Investigation of Gas & Electric Appliance Fires
December 2012, Applied Fire Dynamics for Fire Investigators
February 2013, Advanced Live Vehicle Burn Investigation
April 2014, I.A.A.I. International Training Conference
March 2015, Certified Fire Investigation Instructor Training
August 2016, Understanding Battery & Vehicle Electrical Fire
April 2017, Arc Mapping Basics
January 2018, Residential Electrical Systems and Basic Electricity
May 2018, 2018 ITC Tomorrow's Investigations
May 2018, ITC A Decade of CSST
September 2019, Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator Training


Qualified as an expert witness on numerous occasions in both state and federal courts.




Mark Sutherland

Sr. Electrical Engineer, President

Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Texas, License No. 99462; Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, NAFI; Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Oklahoma, License No. 30140

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